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The process

  1. Read this page carefully
  2. Compile your references into an email or a separate document. Use reference images, sketches and bullet points if appropriate.
  3. Contact me via email or the form. We will discuss your idea, deadline and pricing.
  4. I will send you initial sketches, out of which you can approve one. This is where you can request major changes to the composition, poses and elements.
  5. Upon approval, I will send you an invoice.
  6. Once the invoice is paid I will continue to work on the piece.
    • If your piece is coloured I will contact you again about the palette once I have finished the colour sketch. This is where you can request major changes to the colour plan.
  7. Once I'm ready I will contact you with the final piece. Minor adjustments can be made.
    • If your commission is a physical product we will decide on shipping and I will invoice you separately for the shipping costs. Once the invoice is paid your product will be sent to you.

Terms and conditions



Notes on non-digital commissions

Refunds and cancellations

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