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Office availability for scheduling, admin and emails: Fridays and Saturdays, hours flexible.
Commissions will be closed 1.5-1.6.

General notes on commissions

The information here concerns commissions for private use by individuals. If you are interested in licensing, commercial use or hiring me as a freelancer please send me an email. I'm currently unable to accept expansive long term bodies of work but I'm always interested in hearing about new projects.

A note on communication: I do not discuss commissions or work related subjects in direct messages on any websites or applications. I only use email. This is for a few reasons: 1. Protecting the separation between work and free time. 2. Limiting the amount of urgent notifications. 3. Being able to find what has been agreed upon later when I'm working on your piece. Thank you for understanding.

If you wish to communicate in real time while I'm working on your commission I can schedule a stream on my Discord server or Twitch channel.

The process

  1. Read this page carefully
  2. Compile your references into an email or a separate document. Use reference images, sketches and bullet points if appropriate.
  3. Contact me via email or the form.
  4. I will send you initial sketches. You can request major changes to the composition, poses and elements.
  5. Upon approval, I will send you an invoice via Paypal.
  6. Once the invoice is paid I will continue the piece.
    • If your piece is coloured I will contact you again about the palette. You can request major changes to the colour plan.
  7. I will contact you with the final piece. Minor adjustments can be made.
    • If your commission is a physical product we will decide on shipping and I will invoice you separately for the shipping costs. Once the invoice is paid your product will be sent to you.

Terms and conditions



Notes on non-digital commissions

Refunds and cancellations

Ready to order?

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